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The Mission of Wolverine ASB
Pride in Ourselves
Pride in Our Learning
Pride in Our Community

This year the ASB executive council will be meeting in August to set our goal for the school year. We want to include respect and fun as a part of this goal for our school.
A few questions we asked the officers:
1) If you could choose, would you rather be a dog or a cat?  Why?
2) If you were stranded on an island and could only eat cardboard or paper, which would you eat and why?
3) If you could go anywhere in the world for free, where would you go and why?
4) What is your favorite memory from elementary school?
5) Who is your favorite teacher out of your whole school years and why?

Here are the 2016-17 ASB Executive Officers:

President - Dawson 
1) Dog.  You would get to go places with your family unlike cats.  
2) Paper.  It's thin and flavorless.
3) Paris.  I always wanted to go there and try the food.  
4) Getting 2nd place in 4th grade math is cool.  
5) Mr. Sexton. He knows how to deal with the good kids and the misbehaved kids.
1st Vice President - Sara 
1) Dogs.  They have better connections with family.  
2) Paper.  Easier to eat.  
3) Somewhere in Africa so I can help the children in need.  
4) The 5th grade trip to Greenbluff.  
5)  Mrs. Kesler, always making me laugh and smile.
2nd Vice President - Micah 
1) Cat.  I wouldn't have to go outside and I can be lazy.  
2) Cardboard, has more to eat.  
3) Paris.  It's really pretty and they have really good crepes.  
4) Having Subway for lunch with the Principal of Windsor.  
5) Mrs. Myers because she's also a Seahawks fan.
Treasurer - Alaina  
1) Cat.  You get to sleep all day.
2) Paper, it's thin.
3) Germany.  I always wanted to go there.  
4) The last day of 5th grade.  
5) Mr. Sexton.  He is just awesome and cool.
Secretary - Jaela 
1) Dog.  Mom is allergic to cats.  
2) Paper, it's softer and kids used to eat it in Kindergarten and are still alive at present day.
3) Hawaii.  I love beaches and oceans.
4) Drinking hot cocoa and eating candy canes in 2nd grade.
5) Mrs. Aryersman.  She always let me stay after school to help with math is cool since my brother was in it.
Parliamentarian - Jasmine 
1) Dog.  I like dogs better.
2) Cardboard.  It's thicker, more to eat.
3) Caribbean.  It's really pretty and there are oceans.
4) Hoopshot at Windsor.
5) Mrs. Fisher.  She was really nice and did lots of fun activities.
Wolverine Pride Representative - Makenna 
1) Cat. I can be lazy and cats aren't really locked up during the day.
2) Paper. Easier to chew and digest.
3) Hawaii or tropical islands.  I like to be around water and warm weather.
4) Almost beating my school record for running the mile.
5) Mr. Sexton. He's a fun teacher and helped me learn more.
Our ASB meetings for the year.