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CBPA Testing...What? I didn't know that art class had a test!

CBPA Information
We expect that our children are receiving arts education that is based on Washington State's Arts Learning Standards.  New to most of us is our children's participation in a measured classroom-based state performance.  The Developed Performance Assessments  are the state's assessments for the arts (music, the visual arts etc.) and are now a part of our children's specialized arts class' experiences.  These assessments are benchmarked at the 5th, 8th, and 10th grade level and can be given between the 4th and 12th grade for students taking performance arts classes.

Other info. to know:
In compliance with state law, students in specialized arts classes will be evaluated by completing a developed assessment and/or other strategy in the arts they are studying once by grade 5, once by grade 8, and once by grade 10.
See: http://www.k12.wa.us/Arts/PerformanceAssessments/default.aspx
The arts educators will report the type and # of developed assessments given to the district
The number of students completing developed assessments will be reported annually to the state by each district.
When?  Each year, a student will complete a developed assessment during their specialized arts class.  Students may be taking a developed assessment between the 4th and 12th grade.
Within individual arts class settings
  • Within the arts class, the teacher will give the developed assessment and score their students' results.
  • For each arts class, the arts teacher will provide the district with the data of the specific assessment administered and number of participating students.  The district will submit a composite report to the OSPI by the end of the school year.
  • To inform teachers and students about learning-here is another snapshot of student learning (what they know and are able to do in the arts).
  • To inform teachers about instruction-where are students performing well and what areas are missing/have gaps that need to be taught, taught differently or retaught?