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The Mission of Wolverine ASB
Pride in Ourselves
Pride in Our Learning
Pride in Our Community

This year the ASB executive council will be meeting in August to set our goal for the school year. We want to include respect and fun as a part of this goal for our school.
A few questions we asked the officers:
1) If you could choose, would you rather be a cat or a dog? Why?
2) If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Why?
3) If you could go anywhere in the world for free, where would you go and why?
4) What are your top three favorite foods?
5) What class in school is your favorite? Why?
Here are the 2018-19 ASB Executive Officers:

President - Braxton
1) Dog.  Because you get lots of love.
2) Indestructible.  I would never get hurt.
3) Phillippines.  I can see the rest of my family.
4) Adobe, pizza, Reeses. 
5) P.E. Because I feel free.
1st Vice President -Kaylynn
1) Dogs - because cats are the worst.
2) Flying, so I can get places without paying for gas.
3) Kalokairi, Greece - because that's where Mamma Mia is.
4) Strawberries, cucumbers, chicken.
5) Language arts. Because I like to read.
2nd Vice President - Logan
1) I'd rather be a dog because dogs are more friendly.
2) Omnipotence, because I would basically be invincible.
3) England - to see how different it is from America.
4) Burgers, pizza, skittles.
5) Wood shop - because I like making stuff.
 Treasurer - Tzuriel
1) Cats - because everyone else put dog.
2) Super speed. So I can beat Braxton in the 100 meter dash.
3) Atlantis, Bahamas - because it is literally paradise.
4) Sushi, chicken marsala and any Asian cuisine.
5) Math.  Because you'll always just get one answer.
 Secretary - Katelyn

1) Cats - because of agility and cat napping.
2) Telekenisis, so I can get my stuff without moving.
3) Washington D.C., because of the history.
4) Pizza, pretzels, carrots
5) History - because I can look at past conflicts and figure out how to stop it in the future.
Parliamentarian - Ragan
1) Dogs. Dogs are cute.
2) Time travel.  I want to see the future.
3) Bora Bora.  Because it's pretty.
4) Brownies, pasta, watermelon.
5) Math.  I love working with numbers.
Our ASB meetings for the year.