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The Mission of Wolverine ASB
Pride in Ourselves
Pride in Our Learning
Pride in Our Community

This year the ASB executive council will be meeting in August to set our goal for the school year. We want to include respect and fun as a part of this goal for our school.
A few questions we asked the officers:
1) If you could choose, would you rather be a cat or a dog? Why?
2) If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Why?
3) If you could go anywhere in the world for free, where would you go and why?
4) What are your top three favorite foods?
5) What class in school is your favorite? Why?
Here are the 2017-18 ASB Executive Officers:

President - Garrett
1) Dog.  Because Dogs have a ton of endurance.  
2) Superspeed. Because I would be able to run fast.
3) Atantis.  Because everything is underwater.
4) Cake, Peanut Butter Nectars, and Red Lobster biscuits. 
5) P.E. Because I am very good at sports.
1st Vice President - Kylan
1) Dog. They have a better connection with family.
2) To teleport. Because you can go anywhere you want.
3) Paris. Because I am learning French.
4) Pizza, chicken and brownies.
5) I love them all equally because I like learning.
2nd Vice President - Emersyn
1) I'd rather be a dog because I feel dogs get more attention than cats.
2) I would have teleportation because you can quickly get anywhere.
3) I would go to the Bahamas because there is different things to do.
4) Pickles, shrimp, and steak are my favorite food to eat.
5) Math is my favorite class because you learn something new everyday and it's fun.
 Treasurer - Dylan

1) Dog.  Because they are cuter.
2) Omnipotence. Because I would have unlimited power.
3) I would go to Hawaii because it has all 7 biomes. 
4) Pizza, burgers and ice cream. 
5) Math.  Because solving problems are fun.
 Secretary - Carrie

1) Cat. Because everybody would leave me alone, naps. 
2) Fly. Because then you could fly.
3) Italy to see the leaning tower of pizza.
4) Macaroni, rice, and dumplings.
5) Strings. Because I like to play my instrument.
Parliamentarian - Iliana
1) I'd be both because the cat is an agile fighter and hunter while the dog has more muscle and a very keen sense of smell.
2) Shapeshifting. Because you can take the form of anyone and have their ability.
3) Depths of the Pacific Ocean. Because you can explore unexplored areas.
4) Crawfish etouffee, lasagna, and fruit salad.
5) LA/history. Because the teacher was amazing and they added real world problems into their lessons.
ASB Council Representative - Alex
1) Dog. Because I'd like to be a bigger animal than a cat.
2) To read people's minds so I could see what they were thinking about.
3) I would probably go to the Bahamas because it's basically paradise.
4) Sushi, hamburgers, and spaghetti and meatballs.
5) My favorite class is math because I like Algebra and working with numbers.
Our ASB meetings for the year.