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The Mission of Wolverine ASB
Pride in Ourselves
Pride in Our Learning
Pride in Our Community
The ASB goal for the year is: Spread Kindness not Covid.
A few questions we asked the officers:
1) If you could choose, would you rather be a cat or a dog? Why?
2) If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Why?
3) If you could go anywhere in the world for free, where would you go and why?
4) What are your top three favorite foods?
5) What class in school is your favorite? Why?
Here are the 2021-22 -  ASB Executive Officers:

President - Aubrey
Picture of Avery 
1) I would rather be a dog
2) My superpower would be reading minds
3) I would go to Paris
5) My favorite class is choir
Vice President - Sami
Picture of Sami
1) I would be a dog because dogs are faster and are super cute
2) If I had any superpower it would be that I could walk through walls because then I wouldn't have to walk all the way around things, but rather float through them.
3) I would go to Hawaii for free with my family because plane tickets are expensive, and also because Hawaii is one of my favorite vacation places.
4) Crab, Sorbet, Artichokes
5) My favorite class is Language Arts because I love writing essays.
   Treasurer - Eleanor
Picture of Kaitlyn
1) I would choose to be a dog because dogs are really social. Also I have a dog, meaning I would be able to talk to my dog!
2) I would have the power of teleportation because you can do almost anything with the power of teleportation.
3) I would go to Hawaii so I can see the beautiful coral reefs and the tropics that are so different from what I am used to.
4) My top three favorite foods are my mom's spaghetti and meatballs, my mom's fried chicken, and my mom's Enchiladas.
5) My favorite class is math because I love to learn new things and see how math applies to everyday life.
 Secretary - Adelaide
Picture of Kitana-Jolie
1) I would be a cat so that I could wander around and do whatever.
2) The ability to enter books or movies, so that I could see everything even better.
3)  I would go to Adelaide in Australia. ...Because it's my name...
4) Dehydrated pineapple (the real kind, not the stuff covered in sugar), snakeskin fruit, strawberries and Indonesian lalapan.
5) Engineering, because it's just a fun class
Parliamentarian - Gretchen
Picture of Allison
1) I would rather be a dog because they seem to be more social.
2) I think it would be cool if I could teleport from place to place.
3) I've always wanted to tour Europe. I think it'd be fun to taste all their different foods.
4) My top 3 favorite foods are burgers, gnocchi, and tacos.
5) My favorite class is science because I love to explore new things.
ASB Council Rep - Alex
Alex K
WP rep -