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More about the different art classes offered...

6th Grade Art- This "intro to art" class is a semester, offered both in the fall and spring. Some of the learning activities in this class include:  Learning about the Elements of Art, practicing drawing techniques, creating collages, paintings & clay art, studying artists and art movements and so much more!
Ink Drawing by Sophia Pasion Painting by Rele Narrhun
2D Art (7th/8th grade)- Offered fall semester, this is a great class for both beginning and experienced artists.  We start out with drawing basics, focusing on pencil and paper media, to explore key concepts and techniques including value studies and perspective.  Transitioning to color theory, we use a variety of paint mediums, including tempera, watercolor, and acrylic.  While studying famous artists and innovative works, students practice portraiture, landscape, still-life, and abstract styles in their own creations.
Graphite Drawing by Caleb Hummel Acrylic Painting by Emiliya Medvedev
3D Art (7th/8th grade)- Offered spring semester, 3D art class is going to blow your mind!  This is an amazing mix-media class where we can create art out of almost anything.  Junk art (ya, that is really a thing) is a popular form of sculpting that uses recycled materials.  We will sculpt with clay, wire, and paper, as well as studying some of the best sculptors in the world.  Ceramic art is Mrs. Potter's specialty and one of the most popular classes at WMS.  We will learn about the origins of pottery and the different stages of clay art.  Bobble Heads, Frankenstein slab bowls, Crazy coiled vases - these are a few of the projects we will make.  We finish up with wheel throwing - an incredible opportunity in Middle School!
Cardboard Sculpture by Lily Bare Slab Box by Elizabeth Kusnetsova