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More about the different art classes offered...

6th Grade Art- This is the only semester art class offered, both in the fall and spring, and is an introduction to many types of art. Some of the projects we do in this class include:  Learning about the "Elements of Art", practicing drawing techniques in a sketchbook, creating collages, paintings & clay art, studying artists and art movements and so much more!
Drawing and Design (7th/8th grade)- Offered 1st quarter, this is a great class for both beginning and experienced artists.  We start by studying the Elements of Art with Da Vinci's sketchbooks and creating some amazing drawings using gesture and value.  We might even twist perspective like M.C. Escher. Then, we'll explore Color Theory and create our own Variation on Van Gogh.  This is just the beginning...
Sculpture (7th/8th grade)- Offered 2nd quarter, 3D sculpture class is going to blow your mind!  This is an amazing mix-media class where we can create art out of almost anything.  Junk art (ya, that is really a thing) is a popular form of sculpting that uses recycled materials.  We will try out sculpting with clay, wire, and paper.  Finally, we will study some of the most famous buildings in the world and carve our interpretations of amazing architecture.
Ceramics (7th/8th grade)- Offered 3rd quarter, ceramic art is Mrs. Potter's specialty and one of the most popular classes at WMS.  We will learn about the origins of pottery and the different stages of clay art.  Kiln monsters, Frankenstein slab bowls, Crazy coiled vases - these are a few of the projects we will make.  We finish up with wheel throwing - an incredible opportunity in Middle School!
Painting (7th/8th grade)- Offered 4th quarter, students don't need any previous experience to be successful painters.  We are going to focus on Color Theory and the Elements of Art by studying the styles of several master painters like Kandinsky and Warhol.  We will create our own Pointillist painting or team up with Science to paint flowers Up Close to Nature, like Georgia O'Keefe.