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About Mrs. Garrett

One thing you love about Westwood:
The family like atmosphere!
Favorite Food(s):
Stir fry, grapefruit and cinnamon apples.
Hobby/Past time/Sport:
Complete DIYer, golf, curling, reading and my grandkids
Unique Fact: Enough about me...

1. Snakes can predict earthquakes.

Did you know that snakes have a sixth sense? These slithery creatures can sense an upcoming earthquake from a staggering 75 miles away, up to five whole days before it happens.

Talk about nature’s own earthquake detectors!

2. It snows metal on Venus!

Venus, our neighboring planet, is known for its extreme conditions.

Did you know that it even has “snow”?

Don’t expect fluffy white flakes like on Earth! The snow on Venus is made of metal!

Imagine a world where it rains metal. Venus is truly out of this world!


3. Lego mini-figures have the largest population on Earth!

Imagine a world where Lego mini-figures come to life!

Well, if these tiny, colorful characters were humans, they’d have the biggest population on Earth!

That’s even bigger than China which currently has the biggest population in the world.